Stray Cat Strut

Stray Cats

(1981) Stray Cat

{title: Stray Cat Strut  }
{artist: Stray Cats}
{album: (1981) Stray Cat }
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{c:Intro (x4)}
[Am]Oo [G]oo [F]oo [E7]ooh [Am]Oo [G]oo [F]oo [E7]ooh
[Am]Oo [G]oo [F]oo [E7]ooh [Am]Oo [G]oo [F]oo [E7]ooh

{c:Verso 1}
[Am]Black and orange [G]stray cat [F]sittin' on a [E7]fence
[Am]Ain't got e [G]nough dough to [F]pay the [E7]rent
[Am]I'm flat [G]broke but [F]I don't [E7]care
I [Am]strut right by with my tail in the air

[Dm]Stray cat [C]strut I'm a [Bb]ladies' [A7]cat
I'm a [Dm]feline Casa [C]nova hey [Bb]man that's [A7]that
Get a [Dm]shoe thrown [C]at me from a [Bb]mean old [A7]man
[Dm]Get [N.C.]my dinner from a garbage can

[Am][G][F][E7]Meow [Am][G][F][E7]Don't cross my path

[Dm]I don't bother chasin' mice a [Am]round
I [Dm]slink down the alley lookin' for a fight
[B7]Howlin' to the moonlight on a [E7]hot summer night

{c:Verso 2}
[Am]Singin' the [G]blues while the [F]lady cats [E7]cry
[Am]Wow stray [G]cat you're a [F]real gone [E7]guy
I [Am]wish I could [G]be as [F]carefree and [E7]wild
But I [Am]got cat class and I got cat style

{c:Final (x4)}