Rise (intermediate)

Eddie Vedder

(2007) Into The Wild

{title: Rise (intermediate)}
{artist: Eddie Vedder}
{album: (2007) Into The Wild}
{ukegeeks-meta: }                   

{define: G5 frets 0235 fingers 0124}
{define: C-5 frets 0023 fingers 0013}
{define: C5 frets 0033 fingers 0023}
{define: Cadd9 frets 0203 fingers 0203}
{define: C6 frets 0053 fingers 0031}
{define: Dsus4 frets 2230 fingers 1230}


{c:Verso 1}
[G]Such is the way [Gsus2]of the [G]world
You can never [C]know [C-5] [C5] [C-5]
[G]Just where to put [Gsus2]all your [G]faith
And how will it [C]grow  [C-5] [C5] [C-5]

Gonna [D]rise up
[G]Burning black holes in [C]dark memories [Cadd9] [C] [Cadd9]
Gonna [D]rise up
[G]Turning mistakes into [C]gold [C-5] [C5] [C6]

{c:Interlude (x2)}
[G] [D] [Dsus4] [C]

{c:Verso 1}
[G]Such is the [Gsus2]passage of [G]time
Too fast to [C]fold [C-5] [C5] [C-5]
And [G]suddenly [Gsus2]swallowed by [G]signs
Low and be[C]hold  [C-5] [C5] [C-5]

Gonna [D]rise up
[G]Find my direction mag[C]netically [Cadd9] [C] [Cadd9]
Gonna [D]rise up
[G]Throw down my ace in the [C]hole [C-5] [C5] [C6]
[D] [Dsus4] [D] [Dsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [C]
[D] [Dsus4] [D] [Dsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [C]
[G] [G] [G] [G] [G] [G]
[D] [Dsus4] [D] [C] [C-5] [C5] [C-5] [G]