Mele Kalikimaka

Bing Crosby

(1955) Merry Christmas

{title: Mele Kalikimaka}
{artist: Bing Crosby}
{album: (1955) Merry Christmas}
{ukegeeks-meta: }                   

{define: D frets 2225 fingers 1114}
{define: A7(open) frets 0100 fingers 0100}
{define: A7 frets 2434 fingers 1324}
{define: Em7 frets 4435 fingers 2314}
{define: Bdim7 frets 1212 fingers 1324}
{define: A+ frets 2110 fingers 3120}


[D]Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say                                   
On a [Bdim7]bright Hawaiian Christmas [A7]Day 
That's the island greeting that we [Em7]send to [A7]you 
from the [Em7]land where [A7]palm [A+]trees [D]sway
[D7]Here we know that Christmas will be [G]green and bright
The [B7]sun to shine by day and all the [E7]stars at [A7(open)]night

at [D]Mele Kalikimaka is [D7]Hawaii's [B7]way   
to [Em7]say Merry [A7]Christmas to [D]you