Honolulu Baby

Laurel and Hardy

(1933) Sons of the Desert (BSO)

{title: Honolulu Baby}
{artist: Laurel and Hardy}
{album: (1933) Sons of the Desert (BSO)}
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{define: Dm frets 2210 fingers 2310}

{c:Verso 1}
While [Am]down on the [E7]South-sea [Am]islands
Under[Am]neath the [E7]beauty of the [Am]stars
I [Am]strayed [E7]upon some [Am]maidens
Who were [B7]strummin' on their [E7]guitars
A [Am]hula [E7]maid was [Am]dancin'
And I [Am]knew I [E7]found my para[Am]dise
So [Am]this is [E7]what I [Am]told her
As I [G]gazed into her [C]eyes

[C7]Honolulu [F]Baby,
Where'd you get those [C]eyes
And that dark com[G]plexion
I just [C]idolise [C7]
Honolulu [F]Baby,
Where did you get that [C]style
And those pretty [G]red lips
And that sunny [C]smile [F] [C]

{c:Verso 2}
[Dm]When you start to dance
[C]Your hula hips entrance
[Dm]Then you shake it [G]up and [C]down
[D]Shake a little here
[E]Shake a little there
[A7]Well you got the [D7]boy goin' to [G]town

[C7]Honolulu [F]Baby
You know your [C]stuff
Honolulu [G]Baby
Gonna call your [C]bluff  [F] [C]