Blitzkrieg Bop

The Ramones

(1976) Ramones

{title: Blitzkrieg Bop}
{artist: The Ramones}
{album: (1976) Ramones }
{ukegeeks-meta: }                   

{define: A frets 6454 fingers 3121}
{define: D frets 2225 fingers 1114}
{define: E frets 4447 fingers 1114}


Hey! Ho! Let's go!
Hey! Ho! Let's go!
Hey! Ho! Let's go!
[A]Hey! Ho! Let's go!

{c:Verso 1}
[A]They're forming in a straight line [D][E]
[A]They're goin' thru a tight wind [D][E]
[A]The kids are losin' their minds [D]
In the [E]Blitzkrieg [A]Bop! [D][A]

{c:Verso 2}
They're piling in the back seat [D][E]
[A]They're generating steam heat [D][E]
[A]Pulsating to the back beat [D]
The [E]Blitzkrieg [A]Bop! [D][A]

[D]Hey! Ho! Let's go!
[A]Shoot 'em in the back now [D][A]
[D]What they want, I don't know
They're [B]all revved up and [D]ready to [E]go!